Schneider Embroidery began in 1995, like most businesses, in a basement.  My sons were working at the fast food, where 10 percent of US workers start.  One son was very artistic and the other fairly technical.  I was an accountant/auditor who always wanted to have a tangible product to show for my work.  Having done design work, before my work with numbers, the three of us had the tools to start.  When our first 3-head embroidery machine rolled in, I did panic for a few days.  But we fought through the first 6 months, with little sleep and then finally things started to Hum.

Consequently, if we are working on your design, and you have any accounting questions,  we can probably help you with that too.  Just a fringe benefit of working with an CPA turned embroiderer.

We love our work and enjoy our customers.  So many times a custom embroidery project is needed for a business milestone or group or team function.  We love enhancing those occasions through elegant embroidery projects.

We hope to share some of those projects on this blog, with the consent of our customers.  Check back to see our lastest endevors.  Thanks for finding Schneider Embroidery.  We do embroidery-4ur-logo.