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Say “Yes !” to Bridal Monograms — June 8, 2017

Say “Yes !” to Bridal Monograms


IMG_3566So often material will be removed from the gown or slips of your beautiful wedding dress.  Don’t just throw the extra material away.  Instead, bring us your material swatch and have your Monogram sewn on the extra material.  Then sew it into the slips of the dress.  Don’t forget to have the your photographer capture your Monogram slip as you show off your shoes and pedicure. 

Working with new Micro-Brewery —
Bath / Sport towels for Kids Bathroom — November 8, 2016

Bath / Sport towels for Kids Bathroom

Some of my best items are, sad to say, not my ideas.  This one came from a mom who’s kids live for sports.  Two little boys who aspire to be like their very cool, big cousins.  I was surprised that small boys would like a towel.  But I am totally underestimating  the “World of Sports”  and our youth today.  It’s really great how there is a sport for any talent today.  And to be part of a Team, is an education in itself.  Thanks Mom for the cool product idea!


Gift Baskets for Fundraising — November 4, 2016

Gift Baskets for Fundraising

Dance for Life Backet

From time to time, Schneider Embroidery is asked to create an item for a Silent Auction Gift Basket.  This is a Win-Win for everyone.  First of all because it’s fun!  It gets our creative juices flowing.  Secondly, it’s great to be part of a larger purpose with community minded people.  This fall we were asked to help with an Italy-themed basket.  There were some delicious food items in the basket and someone donated a very pretty bottle of lemon cello.  We followed their lead for at color and style and created kitchen towels with lemon design.  The basket was one of many at a fund raiser called “The Dance for Life“.  A breast cancer research fundraiser.   Everyone wins on these projects.  Schneider Embroidery loved being a part of their success.

A challenge is no problem… — October 7, 2016

A challenge is no problem…


Our latest project involved a t logo that has a 3 dimensional graphic.  So why not make it 3-D . Imerys is a company that refines refractory minerals.  Their logo is a graphic depicting minerals scooped from the earth.  So their logo is actually domed out to emphasize the scooped materials.  Also they have great hunting in Louisiana where they are located.  We love the logo on the Camo Hat!  Great idea Imerys.


First blog post and History: — October 6, 2016

First blog post and History:

Schneider Embroidery began in 1995, like most businesses, in a basement.  My sons were working at the fast food, where 10 percent of US workers start.  One son was very artistic and the other fairly technical.  I was an accountant/auditor who always wanted to have a tangible product to show for my work.  Having done design work, before my work with numbers, the three of us had the tools to start.  When our first 3-head embroidery machine rolled in, I did panic for a few days.  But we fought through the first 6 months, with little sleep and then finally things started to Hum.

Consequently, if we are working on your design, and you have any accounting questions,  we can probably help you with that too.  Just a fringe benefit of working with an CPA turned embroiderer.

We love our work and enjoy our customers.  So many times a custom embroidery project is needed for a business milestone or group or team function.  We love enhancing those occasions through elegant embroidery projects.

We hope to share some of those projects on this blog, with the consent of our customers.  Check back to see our lastest endevors.  Thanks for finding Schneider Embroidery.  We do embroidery-4ur-logo.